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Our Review Of Penny Stock Sites

During July, we performed a short review of three of the top Penny Stock sites. All three charge a subscription and all three provide good performing penny stock picks. We wanted to bring this to our readers' attention so that they can choose a site for information. While many experienced investors belong to several sites, many beginners want to choose just one to start with.


While provides only a few sentences as to why they made their pick, the other two provide complete reports, often several pages long explaining their pick and their feelings for the stock. This can come in handy to new investors that would like to learn some of the reasonings behing professionals picking their stocks.


In this short survey, we show the average gain for all picks for this and last year. You should not expect to reach these gains as these figures use the highest price that a stock pick gained since being reported. While you may never see gains quite this high, it still is a good indicator of which sites can really perform. All of the sites below listed their picks and results last year. When they did not list their the current year results, we purchased memberships so that we could calculate these results ourselves. The averages for this year were the results we calculated through July 3 when our survey began. These results are as accurate as possible, but may vary slightly from exact results due to rounding.


Links to all three sites listed:

Our Winner:


We plan on adding more sites in the future for you to see. In starting this, we wished to pick three of the better known and performing sites. Please let us know what others you may like added.