the definitive guide to penny stocks on the web

Why Should I Buy Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks have quite a few advanatages over regular stocks as well as other investments. They are usually small, growing companies, have excellent prospects and can grow exponentially.


While there are always bad companies out there, both big and small, it's the small companies that can explode in price. There is no reason to be afraid of these small stock, one just needs to be careful and choose an information source that is trusted and not biased in any way.


What About The Risk?

It is true that "Penny Stocks" are more risky than regular, or "Blue Chip" stocks. However, with the right information, that risk can be mitigated. There are hundreds, if not thousands of penny stock companies out there that have great prospects, are profitable, are growing, and have less overall risk than many of the larger stocks.


What's The Best Way To Get Started?

An action plan is required. You could actually start buying stocks today if you would like. A little research is in order, however. We will be adding pages here to let you know which brokers to go through. At the moment, we have reviewed the major penny stock sites here.


Where Can I Find Out Which Stock To Buy?

It all comes down to information... information... information. Plus, it must be a reputable, trusted source. The best way would be through an online research firm. We have listed a few of the larger firms in our Compare Penny Sites section. All of these are great companies that really do have their readers' interests at heart. We rank them on performance and value. Click the link to see what we've found.