the definitive guide to penny stocks on the web

Finding Penny Stocks

A penny stock is basically any stock that trades under $5.00 per share. For many brokers, this is a threshold limit where they will not spend money on research, and will not loan against the value of the stock. Therefore, there is great potential as these large firms are not paying attention to these stocks. Because of that fact, it can be harder to get information on them.


There are many websites out there that will help in your search. For instance Yahoo's Finance has a stock screener where you can enter price and other parameters to find stocks that meet your criteria. You can also set up a portfolio and keep track of stocks you own or want to watch.


Thousands of penny stock investors use "newsletter" sites that pick or profile penny stocks for them. While we would never recommend buying any of their recommendations without doing your own research first, these can be extremely helpful guides in throwing suggestions your way.


To see our comparison, which may help you choose which site you would like to subscribe to, just click here or at the "Compare Penny Sites" link at the top of the page. All of these newsletters find some of the best penny stocks.


Some popular sites for investors to communicate with each other:

    AllStocks - Message boards where investors can chat with one another.

    Yahoo's Finance Message Boards - Another very popular section where investors can chat.