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Getting Started With Penny Stocks

Getting started in investing is very easy. To buy or sell a stock, all you need is the cash to purchase that stock as well as a brokerage account. Setting up a brokerage account is very easy. You can choose one of two steps: Call or visit a brokerage firm to open an account, or visit a brokerage online where you can also download forms and open an account.


Think Penny Stocks is in the process of researching several online brokerage companies to provide you with a comparison. This will included everything from commission charges and fees to support times and delays.


A great source for finding stocks to purchase can come from one of several stock information sites like those listed in our Compare Penny Sites section, a review of several sites that provide picks and research for stocks trading under $5.00 per share.


Another source for stock and investing information, especially for new investors is from books. There are literally thousands of books on investing out there. We will also be placing some of our own reviews on this site. For the time being, feel free to click on any of the books shown here. Clicking will take you to the page of the book on where you can read editorial as well as reviews from readers.


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