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Investor Education

Sure, we love the penny stock newsletters and recommend those we list on this site. However, beginning investors will need much information to explain how the market works, the difference between an exchange like the NYSE and an electronic exchange like NASDAQ.


While we plan on adding many sections over time to this page (check back often!), we've listed many links below which can help beginning investors learn how markets and exchanges work as well as learn the risks involved with any type of investing. Just click on the tite to go to the site. Each link will open in a new window.


Motley Fool - A Great Source Of Information For All Investors

     The Fool's Guide To Choosing A Broker

     The Fool's Guide To Investing Basics (Recommended!)


The SEC's Guide To Investor Information

     The SEC's Guide To Trade Execution - What EVERY Investor Needs To Know


The NASD's Investor Site

     The NASD's Guide To Day Trading Information

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